When Blessings Come Along

.....I received a text message from Sarah Woolsey asking if I would be interested in displaying my artwork at the Impact Guild. This was a very delightful and timely message for me to receive because I had been a couch potato planted in the same position for a couple of weeks. The pandemic coupled with the fact that I had only sold one piece of art from my brand new website was getting the best of me and I had started having my own private pity party. I had pretty much-stopped painting and posting on social media about my art. What was the point?

         So when Sarah texted me I wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass me by. I graciously accepted the invitation knowing that Sarah could have asked a myriad of other incredibly talented San Antonio artists. I was honored. I was in. I was fully committed.

         This lit a fire under my butt. LOL I bought a couple of large canvases, some new paint and got busy. I wanted to show the visitors at the Impact Guild some new work.        

Because I was painting again I was sharing my new paintings with my book club girlfriends.  My friend Melissa, who as it turned out was in the process of remodeling her home, ended up buying 2 of my new paintings before they even made it to the Impact Guild. This meant I had to produce even more paintings because I was determined to fill the walls at the guild. 

         I also had the wonderful idea to set up a fundraiser for Jen Tallon as she had shared with me that some new expenses had popped up in the adoption process related to paperwork. I felt strongly in my heart that I wanted to share part of the proceeds of whatever I sold at the Impact Guild with Jen and Colette.

         Many blessings came out of the partnership with the Impact Guild.

  1. It got me back into action.
  2. I developed 2 new styles of abstract painting to put into my repertoire of work.
  3. I started posting on my social media again and actively working my art business and doing the work required for one to be successful.
  4. I made new connections in the SA art scene.
  5. I was able to barter a painting for photography work so now I have a new photographer and a new friend.
  6. It built my self-esteem as an artist. Receiving positive feedback about one’s work is truly beneficial.
  7. It made me feel loved and valued.
  8. I made 23 new works of art since receiving the text from Sarah.
  9. I have sold a total of 12 paintings some through the IG some through other channels.


     Thanks to the good Lord above and to Sarah and to Park for this amazing opportunity. I hope my art was a blessing to you and I’d be happy to help or assist you all in the future. What I have learned from this process is that when a blessing comes along…..Jump On It.

The picture is of the Impact Guild and my painting "Ode to Matisse" is hanging on the wall in the background.