Perfection is Boring

As much as I would like to be perfect, I realize that perfection lacks luster. When I used to be a Christian I remember sharing my "testimony" with people and they loved hearing my tale of a sinful life and all of the scandalous sins I had committed. More than once I remember other Christians telling me they wish they had a more colorful testimony to share with people, meaning they had lived kind of a boring life and always did what they were supposed to do when they were supposed to do it. They came to Christ as a child, obeyed their parents, remained a virgin until marriage, and never ever uttered the F word. They, my friends, were boring and they knew it. They were jealous of my tale of sex before marriage, smoking cigarettes, cutting my hair into a crew cut and dying it blonde, and much much more. Life must be lived if a compelling story is to be told. 

I titled this painting Perfection is Boring because as an abstract painter I love the multitude of imperfections that make a painting unique. There are many paintings, especially hyperrealism, where every brush stroke is executed masterfully and the work is beautiful and worthy of praise. But there are also many other masterpieces in the world of art that are full of imperfections. I am most drawn to these types of paintings. If you have ever been up close and personal in an art museum with one of your favorite paintings in front of you, you will most likely see many imperfections. A spot here, a smudge there, a bristle stuck in the paint. A color bleeds into another color and for some this makes your spirit soar. You know you are looking at something on the canvas that could have been altered or "cleaned up" but for some inexplicable reason, you are enamored by each and every imperfection. 

And isn't that what we love about people too? All their smudges and imperfections. Yes, we can all be cleaned up a little bit and scrubbed along our rough edges to expose some shine but at what cost? If you polish someone too much you risk the danger of them losing what makes them unique. I don't know about you but I'm always suspicious of the person who has all their shit together. Unfortunately, I think, what the hell are they hiding? Are they even being real? We live in a curated world right now where everyone is striving to be perfect. Please stop. Perfection is overrated and most of all; perfection is boring.