Jesus In Drag

Not only was Jesus known for loving those who were relegated to the fringes of society he was also known for hanging out with them as well. I'm sure Jesus could relate to them since he was also pushed to the fringes of society because he was always being accused of claiming to be God. People thought he was a lunatic and that he must be killed. Very people understood what he was saying and the debate on that matter continues to rage on. People were so in a kerfuffle over who and what Jesus was that they decided to murder him. Out of sight, out of mind or so they thought. But we all know how that turned out.
And we have a group of people on our planet right now who face this same type of scrutiny every day from the religious leaders of our day not only in this country but also abroad. Why in Saudi Arabia you can be hung or thrown off a building for being gay and dressing in drag would certainly not be permitted. And if your parents are zealous enough in their Christianity they just might kick you out of their house and disown you if you tell them the shocking news that you are gay.
The murder rate of people in the transgender community is shockingly high and the risk of being beaten up or railed upon is much much higher if you identify as someone in the #LGBTQ community. Don't be different is the message. Don't be a dirty sinner. This is heartbreaking and I am sad for every person within the LGBTQ community who has had to face circumstances such as these.
My message to the LGBTQ community is you are perfectly lovely and perfectly different. Just like Jesus was.
With all my love,
Bridgette Ralph