Let's Not Be Frank

      Frank is a character on a show called Shameless. It's rated MA so if you are of a conservative mindset this show is not for you. Frank is the alcoholic father played by William H. Macy who spends all of his time and money drinking and doing drugs and causing his family all kinds of unnecessary drama. Frank almost always messes up anything and everything that is good and potentially prosperous in his life or in the lives of his children. He mooches off of his children and off of the government. By the time you watch one season of Frank mistreating his troubled but amazing children, you are ready to strangle him. Frank is a disaster waiting to happen; a judgmental, narcissistic, selfish, temperamental know-it-all.

         I wish I could say that Frank was a unique character but many of us have a Frank in our lives. Our Frank may not be as dysfunctional as the father on Shameless but we could probably name one person in our present or in our past that was known to cause tremendous amounts of heartache or at the very least a slight tummy ache when you see their post light up on Facebook. They might even decide to leave an incendiary comment on one of your posts. Gee thanks, Frank.

         I have had one major capital F Frank in my life and since him, I only have some lower case franks that show up in my life feed from time to time. I call these people mini franks because sometimes they bring drama with them and sometimes they don’t. You almost always wish they didn’t bring the drama. And I’m not talking about legitimate drama as in real-life drama situations that are worth my time in being a good compassionate friend who genuinely wants to sit down and listen. I’m talking about needless or repetitive self-inflicted drama. You know what I mean. 

         So I say fuck frank. He isn’t worth my time or your time. I know it can be hard to cut frank out of your life or to limit your time with frank but you have to take care of yourself and take care of your loved ones. Maybe your Frank is a family member, a friend, or even a son.  As you were reading this, I know you know who the Frank is in your life. It is high time to say “Fuck Frank!” And don’t worry about his or her feelings because frankly my dear, they never have and they never truly will give a damn about you or anyone else.