A few years ago I found an oil painting of a woman sitting next to a dumpster on a very hot day here in San Antonio. She looked sad and lonely. I picked her up and put her in my car. I then went into the store across the street called Montage where the owner told me that the painting was by a well known SA artist named Seth Cam and that when he got depressed he would sometimes throw his paintings away. This was the case with the painting I happened to find. He had signed his name to the side of the canvas and she told me to hold onto to it b/c it might be worth some money one day. So I did. 

The abandoned lady hung hidden in the hallway b/c even though the painting was highly accomplished it was also very drab and very sad. I didn't really like her that much. The artist was known for painting the homeless population here in San Antonio and I'm guessing this woman was probably in that community. He had truly captured her distress. One day on a whim I grabbed her and brought her into my garage and painted her dress a very light blue and gave her red lips. I also traced her profile so she popped more from the canvas. Now I know this might be looked down upon by another artist that I altered someone else's work, but remember she had been discarded and thrown away and was on her way to a stinky landfill. Now she was mine to do with what I wanted. That's when I came up with the idea of "reclaimed" art. From that day forward I made a point to check at garage sales, thrift stores, and dumpsters for paintings that had been abandoned and thrown away so I could turn them into a new kind of treasure.

Found was purchased by a woman in my Instagram family. She had been admiring "Found" for a while now and she finally decided to make the purchase. I also dropped the price significantly which I do from time to time. I am truly happy that "Found" has found a home. She need not be lonely or homeless anymore. 

If you love her she is still available in print version on my website.