Christmas Sale

Okay. Let me take a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. I feel nervous knowing that I am going to share my personal thoughts and feelings with you all. Yes, the title of this blog is Christmas Sale but it is going to be about more than that. Originally, I wanted to write about how being an artist and sharing my artwork makes me feel raw and exposed but how would that go with announcing my sale? After ruminating on this for a few minutes I realized they fit perfectly together and here is why.

A sale involves the lowering of prices. Pricing art can be tricky and pricing art is very personal and can be emotionally complicated. At least it is for me. You see when I place a price on a painting I am saying this is what I think this painting is worth. But as an artist, it feels more like; this is what I am worth. It makes me feel so freaking vulnerable. I am asking the buyer to believe that my work has value and this can feel like I am asking do I have value? Why in the world do I get this stuff so twisted in my brain? Obviously I have value and whether someone buys my art or not does not change that fact. However, they feel so intertwined because I am my art. When you buy a painting from me you are buying real estate in my heart.

That is the personal business of pricing art. Now let’s talk about the practicalities of pricing art. As an artist, you take into consideration the cost of the materials. You keep track of the time you spent on the piece and the size of the piece. If you are including shipping then that is also added to the price. And you can also add in your personal skill level.

Are you a highly trained artist and are you using highly skilled techniques in your work or are you self-taught? And if you are self-taught does this mean your art is worth less? Ah! Thinking like this can really mess with my mind. Because I am self-taught and the little devil voice in my head says to me: “How do you have the audacity to charge that much for one of your paintings? You know you are a hack!” The little devil voice is so mean to me. And yet, very accomplished and trained artists have told me that I should not seek training because it might mess up my unique style. Are they right or wrong? I don’t know because at this point I have sought no training and keep experimenting and learning as I go. This is a process I thoroughly enjoy.

Can you see what a pickle it can be to put a price on a painting? I hope all artists aren’t tortured in this way. It is brutal.

Now that I have shared the ins and outs of pricing with you I do want to let you know that I understand that paintings are a luxury for most people. Most people don’t have $1,000 lying around to put on a painting or even $500. With that said I am reducing my prices for the Christmas season because I want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to buy a painting or a print for themselves or a loved one this Christmas. I am reducing the prices of the prints and my originals significantly. It kills me when I see a painting that I absolutely love but I can’t afford it because it cost $1,000 or more. Hopefully, by lowering my prices for a while it will give people the opportunity to buy some art they love.

Merry Christmas from me to you,

Bridgette Ralph