Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

 My son and I were walking our dog Maggie around our neighborhood park and we noticed a new art installation. From a distance, it looked like a shimmery spider web suspended in the low hanging branches of the trees. I was excited and intrigued. But as we drew nearer we could see that it was constructed of metal, painted white and resembled an emoji, monkey bars, or a coat rack. Unfortunately, the magic of the sculptor disappeared upon closer inspection. 

For a bit of fun, my son took off his hoodie and hung it on one of the “branches” of the sculptor and I have to say the sculptor would function beautifully as a coat rack in an elementary school. Maybe it is functional art. Then I thought maybe it was inappropriate to hang the hoodie on the artwork and had my son take it off. I would never want to disrespect someone else’s art.

We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that art is subjective. We don’t all gravitate towards the same type of art. As an artist, I am aware that many people do not care for my art and that they don’t get it. That’s okay. I don’t understand or like all art either. I wish everyone loved my art but that is not reality. I personally do not like Picasso and his paintings sell for millions of dollars. Go figure.

Several years ago, I had been accepted to be in a gallery in Littleton, Colorado called the Outnumbered Gallery. When I was dropping off my paintings to the owner Sudee, her husband Todd kept asking her once I was out of earshot what the heck was she doing. Why was she taking my paintings and agreeing to display them in her gallery? He told her that my art looked like a kindergartener could do it. The hysterical thing was that one of the paintings I was dropping off was actually called "Kindergarten". Todd just did not "get" my art and thought it looked silly, simple and childlike. He was not a fan.

It wasn't until a couple of weeks later that Sudee sold one of my paintings in a small show at the gallery featuring one of my paintings. A woman and her husband were deciding between one of my paintings and another one with pretty birds for her newborn's nursery. The woman chose my painting. I was thrilled and Todd was flabbergasted. He finally understood that even though he didn't like my art or "get" my art, other people did. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. 

Calum and I do not like the coat rack sculptor but I'm sure someone strolling along through Mahncke Park will find it absolutely delightful. Their eyes will behold something completely different than what my eyes behold. I saw a coat rack and they will see art. 

Until Next Time,