A Simple Special and Magical Christmas

 I am kind of sad that the holidays are over. My kids were out of school for around 3 weeks and I tried to spend as much time with them as possible. We played games, went shopping, did movie marathons, baked cookies, watched home movies and saw friends and family. It was simple yet great. I try to make the holidays special for my kids each year but I always feel I fall short of making everything as magical as it could be. My efforts never seem to match the Christmas magic that the movies portray.

         I am not the mom who decorates every inch of the house and has everything looking perfect during the holiday season. It is no Pottery Barn catalog around here. We put up a tree the day after Thanksgiving while we watch Christmas movies and for the first time this year, I placed the Nativity scene my mother gave me out in the living room. My youngest son hung Christmas lights on the outside of the house and that is the extent of my Christmas decorating.

         I did do a much better job of having cookies and hot chocolate on hand for every day of December; a goal I have had for several years. We always try to read Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and go through the advent book by candlelight while drinking hot chocolate and eating Christmas cookies. Because of my kids/husband's schedules, we didn’t get to read and do advent every night but gosh darn it, I was prepared.

          I’m just not a fancy pants person. I really don’t like dressing up because I don’t feel like myself. Although I feel very pretty wearing makeup I dislike the part about removing the makeup before bed. I also don’t have all of the dinnerware required to create a fantastic Pinterest worthy table at Christmastime. I don’t even use cloth napkins. Shocking right? LOL, I detest cloth napkins. Most cloth dinner napkins reject moisture and grime. If you have tried to wipe up a spill with a cloth restaurant napkin you will know exactly what I mean. Impossible. I was a waitress for 9 years so I have first-hand experience in trying to do this. Give me a good old paper towel. It does the trick every time. I do try and buy proper napkins for special occasions but really who cares? I know some of you out there do care and there have been many times when I have wished to be that woman, that mom, but I’m not. I’m me. I’m a paper towel girl.

         If you visit my home at Christmas or any other time of the year, I will love you by preparing you a yummy home-cooked meal served on my white Ikea plates with my Ikea silverware and a paper towel.  You will most likely be drinking your beverage from a jelly or mason jar and your wine from a vintage wine glass I procured at the local Goodwill or antique store. I will make you a yummy cake and serve you some really good beer, wine, and spirits. I will put a scented candle in the bathroom and light every other candle I have in the house to create a warm mood and hopefully, I will make you feel like the most special person in the world. Everything will say I love you in a very simple way.

         Our Christmas may not be or look as magical as others and it will never be Pinterest or Instagram worthy but it will truly always be special because of those who surround me. I have a wonderful family and I love them so much. 

PS:    I started this blog yesterday and didn’t get to finish it. I woke up at 4:30 am this morning unable to sleep so I listened to a podcast. One of my favorites is “This American Life”. I listened to episode #576 called Say Yes to Christmas. It was funny and they talked about this whole idea of trying to make Christmas as magical as the ones we may have had as a child. Here is the link if you want to listen.